I Bought BROKEN C63 AMG 507 Coupe & Fixed 3 Engine Issues With An Old Italian Mechanics Trick!

I Bought BROKEN C63 AMG 507 Coupe & Fixed 3 Engine Issues With An Old Italian Mechanics Trick!

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In this video, I bought an Ultra-Rare and broken C63 AMG Edition 507 for dirt cheap! Naturally, it's broken but I discover the 3 engine issues are related and I finally get to use an old Mechanics trick to fix them all for $30! Enjoy the show!

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If you have a 2012 and up M156 car you're good to go and have the new style head bolts. If your M156 is older than 2012 then look at your left valve cover sticker to read the engine serial number.
If your serial number is before 60-060658 then you have the old-style head bolts unless they were already replaced. If you're unsure just remove a valve cover and look! You might get lucky.

Here are some instructions on how to do the LIST! (This is only to be done on car that doesn't have broken mechanical parts of the engine. If you suspect and serious issue have it diagnosed)
1. Pull spark plugs and spray a carbon-removing product approved for engines in the cylinders. Don't go crazy here you don't need much at all. Let that sit for at least 1 hour.
2. Inspect and replace worn out spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filters.
3. Blow out carbon removing product from cylinder and install spark plugs
4. Pour and engine flush into engine oil and follow the instructions on the bottle for how long the engine needs to run.
5. Perform and oil change.
6. Inspect and either clean or replace your PCV valve. If you suspect the intake to have oil, remove intake and clean.
7. The fun part! After letting the engine warm up to operating temperature drive the car in a low gear and run engine at around 3000-4000 RPM. Obviously, be safe here and do this on an approved road. Vary load and RPM for 10-15 minutes. If you're on a closed course you can go wide open throttle and really blow that carbon out!
Have fun and I take zero responsibility for anything you do.

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