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The Elites Who Control Our Lives Are F***ing Weird

It’s been three years since “15 Days To Slow The Spread” – and our elites are still failing at their jobs; we meet the head of global markets at Credit Suisse and examine why odd people are suddenly cropping up in all the wrong places; and the Democrats make their move against gas stoves.

00:00 - Kamala’s Inspiring Speech
6:50 - 3 Year Anniversary of “15 Days To Slow The Spread”
13:33 - Everything Is Under Control According To “Experts”
21:08 - Credit Suisse’s Weird Executive
24:28 - Dylan Mulvaney’s STRANGE “The Price Is Right” Appearance
31:51 - The Left’s Push To Ban Gas Stoves
36:29 - Deep Thoughts With Kamala Harris
38:34 - Latest Hit Piece On DeSantis
46:05 - Things I Like
48:30 - Things I Hate

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